What Services Do Property Management Companies Offer?

What Services Do Property Management Companies Offer?

Are you a new real estate investor here in Charlotte, North Carolina? Whether you're brand new to the game or a seasoned property owner, it doesn't take long to realize how difficult it is to manage all aspects of owning a piece of the real estate pie.

You need someone to help make sure your investment doesn't get eaten up by less-than-ideal tenants, maintenance issues, and the wide range of other details that come along with ownership.

Property management companies are an asset to real estate investors. They help manage all aspects of a property, from leasing management to maintenance and upkeep. It's hard for investors or landlords to do it all themselves, which is why they hire experts who specialize in this field.

If you're curious about how property management can benefit you, then read on!

Marketing Your Property

So, you've closed on your property — congratulations! What's next? Marketing!

Charlotte, North Carolina is a top relocation destination because it offers something for everyone. For real estate investors and property owners that means an abundance of potential tenants. 

No property markets itself. In this day and age where people conduct their searches online, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Management companies, however, have the expertise and marketing knowledge to do just that. Look for a company dedicated to property marketing using a variety of strategies, including:

  • Features your property on all the major rental sites
  • Offers 3D virtual tours
  • Provides detailed floor plans

The best management companies don't stop at listing your property. They also make it easy for prospective tenants to apply online right from the listing.

Finding Your Ideal Tenants

One of the biggest concerns most real estate investors face is finding and keeping excellent tenants. Perhaps you've already tried a few strategies and still struggle to attract your ideal tenant.

Leasing management professionals take care of screening tenants, which typically includes the following reports:

  • Credit
  • Criminal
  • Eviction history

Management companies can also help you deal with the inevitable turnover that comes when tenants move on. Here in Charlotte, we cater to both professionals and college students. Jobs often require transfers and students graduate and relocate.

Seamless Rent Collection

You want to give your tenants options to make it easy when the first of the month arrives. Management companies help landlords collect rent on time by offering a variety of payment solutions, including:

  • Online rent payment
  • Text alerts when payments are due 
  • Direct deposits into your bank account

Seamless rent collection keeps things simple for both property owners and tenants. 

Managing Problem Tenants

Even when you implement a robust screening process, it's inevitable for most property owners to encounter a problem tenant here and there. Life happens - tenants lose jobs, roommates move on, and people change their minds about having pets (after signing your pet policy).

Experienced leasing management companies manage problem tenants, including evicting those who fail to pay rent or violate their lease terms. They can also assist in negotiating potential disputes between property owners and current/former tenants, ensuring you adhere to the legal requirements here in the state of North Carolina.

Management Companies Protect Your Investment

Property management companies focus their energy not only on marketing your property, screening tenants, and collecting rents. They play a significant role in protecting your investment by taking care of maintenance and repairs.

The property management team you choose should work hard to keep you informed about what's going with your investment, including the preparation of tax statements and 1099s.

Here at HomeRiver Group Charlotte ®, we do it all! Reach out to our team today. We'd love to work with you!



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