The Benefits of Utilizing a Tenant Portal as a Landlord in Charlotte, NC

The Benefits of Utilizing a Tenant Portal as a Landlord in Charlotte, NC

According to the U.S. Census, over 34% of the population of North Carolina lives in rental accommodations. As a landlord, your relationship with your tenant is the cornerstone of your business. So anything you can do to make life simpler for them is a bonus.

That's why many savvy landlords now choose to provide a tenant portal. Accessible via computers and mobile devices, a tenant portal puts a range of services at their fingertips. It can speed up communication and strengthen this crucial relationship.

Let's explore how tenant portals can help you cultivate tenants who pay and stay.

What Is a Tenant Portal?

Property management software allows you to bring together every part of your real estate business in one place. From tenant screening to maintenance, everything is logged in a central location.

This software includes a tenant portal - a place your tenants can log into to access essential services.

Tenant Portals Reduce Administration

Right now, you may send an email or text to your tenants each month to remind them that their rent is due. That sounds easy, but it's a lot of work. A tenant portal can do that for you.

Including an online payment system makes life easier for tenants too. Then, the software will alert you when the rent has been received or when it is overdue. No chasing or monitoring required; it's perfect for landlords with multiple rental properties.

Streamlined Maintenance Tracking

To manage your property successfully, you need to keep track of maintenance. Property management software allows you to set up records for regular maintenance. You can also keep track of inspections more easily.

Tenants will love that they can log into the tenant portal and report maintenance issues. You'll get an alert rather than a phone call that you might forget to follow up on. This makes it much easier to take action and creates a log so you won't forget the maintenance you've carried out.

Manage Tenant Applications

The days of wading through piles of paper applications are long gone. Instead, ask potential tenants to complete online applications and tenant screening processes online. All the information is gathered in one place, making it easy to review.

Property management software can also help you to comply with federal and local fair housing laws. When the application process is the same for every tenant, you avoid discrimination. You can review the information submitted impartially and choose an applicant you feel will make a great tenant.

Create and Store Leases

Once you've found the right tenants, you can use property management software to prepare the lease.

The tenant may even be able to use the tenant portal to view and sign the lease, simplifying the process for everyone.

Let a Tenant Portal Simplify Property Management

A tenant portal can make your and your tenants' lives much simpler. It places everything you need at your fingertips and makes managing your property a dream.

That said, there's no need to start from scratch yourself. Instead, take advantage of HomeRiver Group's outstanding tenant portal services. Contact us today and talk to our team about how our property management services can work for your Charlotte, NC, property.

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