That’s Not Gonna Fly: 5 Antics That Are Grounds for Immediate Eviction

That’s Not Gonna Fly: 5 Antics That Are Grounds for Immediate Eviction

Renting a home comes with benefits that many Americans prefer over owning a house. In 2019, before the pandemic, there were 44.1 million people renting homes in the United States. 

Landlords manage tenants and sometimes need to evict them if their contract is breached. Understanding what causes eviction will help landlords take action to avoid further issues. 

Keep reading to learn about some of the grounds for immediate eviction as a property manager

1. Destruction of Property

Renting your property is an excellent form of income, but it can also be a risk. Many landlords worry about tenants caring for the house. Most renters respect your property, but some are negligent. 

Destruction of property is grounds for eviction, depending on the severity. Some tenants may accidentally destroy something and should be responsible by contract. Those that refuse to take accountability should be evicted as soon as possible. 

2. Missing Payments

Most landlords and tenants sign a contract agreement before the renters move in. This agreement should legally bind them to make the required payments each month. Once payments are late, landlords will add fees to the total amount owed.  

Breaching this contract by missing payments is legal grounds for eviction. It's at your discretion to decide how many payments they can miss before deciding to evict them.   

3. Disturbing Peace

Neighboring families and businesses surround most rental homes. These neighborhoods usually want to be peaceful without any frequent disturbances. 

Tenants that often disturb the peace become a nuisance to the area. Landlords will start receiving complaints, prompting them to warn the tenants of eviction. Failure to obey the warnings usually results in immediate eviction. 

4. Illegal Activity

Many lease agreements state that no illegal activity can be conducted from the property. Any actions that violate these terms can be grounds for evicting a tenant. 

Drug use or selling is one of many illegal activities that will get a tenant evicted quickly. Once a landlord finds out, they can terminate the lease and pursue legal action. 

Operating a business out of the home also breaches lease agreements. Legal businesses still are not allowed to be run out of rental properties for insurance purposes. 

5. Subletting

Subletting is when a tenant leases the property out to another person. Many renters sublease to profit financially and cover their rental costs.

The landlord should always approve any occupants living in the home. Landlords do not allow subletting in most cases because it creates more financial risks. Renters who are taking advantage of the property will usually be evicted.  

Common Grounds for Immediate Eviction 

These tenant actions are all grounds for immediate eviction by the landlord. Evictions will usually occur as soon as they breach their contract agreement.

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