Everything You Need to Know About Lease Renewals in North Carolina

Everything You Need to Know About Lease Renewals in North Carolina

North Carolina is not a rent-controlled state, but there are certain rules and regulations that landlords must follow when it comes to leasing renewals. Plus, if you want to keep your tenants happy, a smooth lease renewal process is one of the best ways to do this.

With housing options being competitive today, it’s important that you offer a great rental experience to your tenants so they will want to renew their lease with you.

Here's everything you need to know about renewing a lease in North Carolina.

Give Ample Notice

In North Carolina, landlords must give tenants at least 60 days’ notice before the lease expires if they wish to renew for another term. The notice must be in writing and can be given in person, left on the door, sent by mail, or uploaded to a tenant portal.

It's a good idea to give extra time and do this at least 90 days before the lease is up. This allows tenants plenty of time to decide if they want to stay or look for a new place.

What to Include in the Notice

The notice should include information about the old lease expiration date, the property owner's details, and the address of the property. It should also have information about the new lease, such as the length of the lease, the rental amount, and any changes to the terms or conditions.

If there are no changes, you can simply state that everything will remain the same except for the dates. For example, “Your current lease expires on XX/XX/XXXX. The new lease will begin on XX/XX/XXXX and end on XX/XX/XXXX. All other terms and conditions will remain the same.”

If there are changes, be sure to list them all so tenants can review and decide if they’re comfortable with them.

Can a Lease Renew Automatically?

North Carolina law allows for leases to renew automatically. This can happen if neither the landlord nor tenant sends written notice of their intent to not renew at least 60 days before the lease expires.

If a lease is set to renew automatically, it will do so under the same terms and conditions as the previous lease. So, if you want to make any changes to the rental agreement, be sure to give tenants ample notice ahead of time.

A lease can have stipulations that outline whether a lease will renew automatically or switch to a month-to-month agreement.

Let Us Handle Your Lease Renewal

Following these tips for renewing a lease in North Carolina will help ensure a smooth process for both you and your tenants. But it is more convenient to hand over the lease renewal process to a qualified and reputable property management expert.

Lean on the professionals at Home River Group of North Carolina to help you with your lease renewal and other property management needs. We'll take these critical tasks out of your hands and ensure a smooth and timely process for all involved. Contact us now to get started.

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