3 Pro Tips for Handling Property Maintenance As a Landlord

3 Pro Tips for Handling Property Maintenance As a Landlord

Are you a new landlord and wondering what kind of property maintenance you should be doing? It's great that you're doing this research as handling property maintenance is high on the list of things that will keep your tenants happy.

Happy tenants mean less turnover. They'll also keep your property in good condition when they have a great landlord who's responsive to their needs. In this quick guide, we'll give you 3 tips on what kind of property maintenance to do as a landlord.

1. Be Proactive About Repairs and Maintenance

The best way to keep your tenants happy is to be proactive about repairs and maintenance. This means that as soon as something breaks, you should fix it. If there's a leak, patch it up.

If the paint is chipping, touch it up. Don't wait for your tenants to ask you to do something - take care of it before they even have a chance to think about it.

2. Inspect the Property Regularly

In addition to being proactive about repairs, you should also inspect the property regularly. This will help you catch any potential problems before they become bigger issues.

Schedule an inspection at least once every quarter. This gives you a chance to check on the condition of the property and make sure that everything is in working order.

3. Have a Good Relationship With a Reputable Maintenance Company

Even if you're the best landlord in the world, there will inevitably be times when you need to rely on professional help for repairs and maintenance. That's why it's so important to have a good relationship with a reputable maintenance company. They can help you with everything from fixing a broken window to repairing a leaky roof.

How to Handle Property Maintenance From a Distance

If you're a landlord who lives far from the property you're renting out, it can be tricky to handle property maintenance. Here are a few tips on how to do it:

1. Hire a Property Management Company

One of the best ways to handle property maintenance from a distance is to hire a property management company. They'll take care of all the day-to-day tasks, like dealing with repairs and maintenance, collecting rent, and handling tenant complaints. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your property is in good hands.

2. Set Up a Camera System

Another option is to set up a camera system on the external parts of your property. This way, you can check in on the property whenever you want and make sure that everything is in order. Just be sure to give your tenants advance notice that you'll be monitoring the property with cameras.

3. Keep an Open Line of Communication With Your Tenants

Finally, it's important to keep an open line of communication with your tenants. If there's a problem, they should feel comfortable reaching out to you. Let them know that you're available to help and that you'll take care of any issues as soon as possible.

Prioritize Property Maintenance

By following these property maintenance tips, you can be sure that your property is well-maintained and that your tenants are happy.

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