3 Myths About Tenant Evictions That You Probably Never Knew

3 Myths About Tenant Evictions That You Probably Never Knew

3 million people find themselves evicted each year; however, there are several myths about evictions that you might not have realized weren't true to begin with. We're here to fill you in on eviction and provide some eviction advice that you never knew you needed.

Read on now and get ready to apply these eviction tips today.

What Is an Eviction?

An eviction is when a landlord begins the process of removing a tenant that is occupying one of their properties. There are several reasons a landlord may seek to evict someone from one of their properties, including failing to pay rent or destroying the property.

The bottom line when it comes to eviction is a landlord can't evict someone for no reason. They also have to have evidence to prove that there are grounds for the tenant to be evicted before starting the eviction process.

Now that you've got a better understanding of what an eviction is, it's time to jump into some of the myths that can't even be found in the best eviction guide.

1. Any Reason Can Be Used for Eviction

The truth is there are some limitations regarding landlords' reasoning for evicting their tenants from their properties. For example, if you're a landlord that has a personal problem with a tenant, this isn't a reason to file an eviction.

Also, a landlord cannot evict someone for discriminatory reasons. There are a few specific reasons that a landlord can file an eviction, including the tenant has:

  • Broken or breached their rental agreement
  • The tenant plans not to renew their lease
  • Failing to pay rent consistently

2. Landlord Can Change the Locks on a Property

Another common myth is that once a tenant breachers their lease agreement, the landlord can change the locks, but this isn't true. Even if a tenant has failed to pay their rent, there is still a specific process the landlord has to follow, including giving the tenant due time to gather their things from the property.

If a landlord attempts to conduct an eviction on their own terms, it can lead to problems in the future for the landlord.

3. Withholding Rent Means Property Repairs Are Made

While it might sound like a good idea to withhold rent from your landlord in an attempt to get them to make property repairs, this isn't the best idea. It's important that a tenant goes through the proper channels to make repairs on their property, or they could end up in more trouble than they initially realized.

If a tenant is going to withhold rent, they must go through the proper process because if not, the landlord can begin the eviction process for unpaid rent.

Evictions and the Myths We Believe About Them

People believe several myths about evictions that aren't true, from the idea that landlords can change the locks or evict a tenant without evidence.

There's much more to know about evictions than you realize, so you need to contact Charlotte Property Management for help and resources now.

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